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Grillaras Productions is a Caribbean music and video production company that is revolutionising the sound of Reggae music globally. Since inception in 2000, it continues to make a big impact on the musical landscape through the creation of a unique mix of artistes, musical arrangements and high quality productions.

Grillaras' reaffirms the team's belief that productions (video and music) must always address, reveal and deliver positive messages of truth and realities. These tenets are the pillars on which this company builds a stable reputation and positively influence the audience and members of the musical fraternity each day.

Grillaras is headquartered in Jamaica and commandeered by Khabir "Kabs" Bonner, a talented engineer and record producer, aiding this company to grow from strength to strength. Mr. Bonner states that a successful producer is one who is able to write, arrange and able to get the ultimate performance from each artist both in the recording studio and at centre stage. Rightfully he embodies this spoken word. This talented engineer and record producer is a graduate of Engineering School in Rockville Maryland (Washington D.C) since 1999 and has been influencing high quality music through his many talents.

Grillaras has worked with an impressive list of established artistes that includes Reggae's grand master the "Burning Spear". The legacy continues with Capleton, Chrisinti, Turbulence, Ritchie Spice, the late Daddigon and Norris man. Grillaras scouts for new artistes who share the mission to make quality music and establish Jamaica culture thus reclaiming the longevity of Dancehall and Reggae music.

Mr. Bonner encourages his artistes to dig deep within, so as to paint vivid pictures of things yesteryear and today, along with the social, political and religious possibilities of tomorrow.

He has produced a number of CDs that include Naciamaj's "Da Good Times Rhythm" a classic production that featured the Prophet Capleton, Jah Mason, Chuck Fenda, Ritchie Spice and Determine among other Reggae talents.

Khabir of Grillaras

Grillaras currently manages two (2) artistes, UT Ras and MDON whose albums will be released soon and available in stores in the Caribbean, North America and Europe. The Company's latest projects include "The Bitter Stretch" an album from Jamaica's best kept secret U.T. RAS a Roots Reggae & Hip Hop album about Jamaica's rough city streets and the daily plight of surviving.

The second project is MDON's self titled album which addresses the harsh realities of two cultures culminating in a Reggae & Hip Hop production. The content highlights the "exploitation, racism and victimization that lead to pain and frustration of the nation's youth. The music mirrors the reality of urban life, and the value of life is an opportunity for a [musical] uprising."

Norrisman's "CAPTURA" a thought provoking album by one of Jamaica's most talented underground artists - Norris Man "Coming Soon". "Da Real Time Rhythm" is an album featuring various artistes album highlighting progressive voices within the Jamaican fraternity of conscious Reggae music.

Kariang Music, the parent label of Grillaras Productions has played a fundamental role in its development. Grillaras Productions is the key to unlocking the potential of the number of conscious Jamaican artistes who continue to hone their talents to produce and preserve authentic Jamaican music. Grillaras Pictures is a subsidiary of the production company, which supplements this goal through the vivid representations of Jamaican culture and transmits the visions of the artistes and producers to the International market. The Grillaras group has the formula for success through its dedicated team, a formidable value statement, realistic vision and achievable goals.

Grillaras' future entails global establishment of the brand (The Americas, Asia & Europe) with independent entities to facilitate the business needs for the development of prospective artistes who can positively contribute to the growth of the Reggae Music fraternity.

Grillaras believes that there is a dual relationship between Music and Social & Cultural changes and thus challenges prospective artistes and producers to recognise their role in facilitating this exchange and use their craft to interrogate the facts and deliver valuable messages to the audience. Kudos to professionals in the Reggae Music fraternity who strive to raise the bar for excellent production of music, videos, programmes and events as the channel for growth of this thriving industry.

We also encourage entrepreneurs to invest in business development opportunities that can advance the careers and production efforts of these professionals. This factor completes the formula for success leading to an exponential increase in music sales and influencing positive economic growth.

The successful development of Reggae music also depends on the availability of Jamaican and Caribbean influences from our greatest inspiration- the people. Yeah Man! Keep on keeping it real! Yardie Big up yuself!

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