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4 Workouts for When You Need to Get Rid of Bad Energy

While we love our reliable neighborhood yoga spot, sometimes we need an industrial-strength workout to give us a new feeling of inspired energy. Here are four next-level studios where bad vibes don’t stand a chance, perfect for when you’re feeling the worst-day-ever blues. Bring a towel and a water bottle—it’s time to break a...

3 Amazing Pet Hero Tales

Meet three families whose pets literally saved lives, including heroic horses and other pet hero stories.There are countless pet hero stories where pets saved their owners’ lives. 1. Sunny Boy, the Heroic Horse Since she was a little girl, Chloe-Jeane Wendell has had a special rapport with animals. But in the two years since her family brought...

A health and care centre in Northern Ireland by Hoskins Architects and Keppie Design engages

Commisioned by Northern Ireland Health Estates, Ballymena Health & Care Centre by Hoskins Architects and Keppie Design is located on the existing Braid Valley Hospital site, about one mile from the town centre. Organised around a triple-height atrium and adjacent open-air courtyard, the 8800-square-metre scheme provides a wide range of primary, intermediary, diagnostic, and...
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